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Here at Ashford Cleave Equestrian we are developing a line of sport horses based upon the presdigous blood lines of 'its without doubt', 'mayhill' and 'jumbo'. Our own home bred stock are already showing strong athletic characteristics with the Stallions, Ashford Cleave Its Phenomenal who is standing at stud for the first time during 2010.


As well as developing our own breeding programme we offer a stud service to clients. Being a small operation we are able to work closely with you throughout the whole process from the initial covering through to foaling and beyond. We are there to help you all the way through.


Life at Ashford Cleave

Based at Braunton near Barnstaple, North Devon we provide a range of equestrian services.


Ashford Cleave Equestrian is in the quiet rolling hills of North Devon, where our horses can start their education with us.


Our relaxed methods are great for introducing our youngsters to day to day life getting them used to all sorts of things! as you can see.





Riding Instructor

Kim Parker BHS AI ISM enjoys nothing more then working with her students helping to school or bring on youngsters. Kim trained at The Tidmarsh Stud and The Talland School of Equitation, gaining BHS Stage I, II, III & IV as well as her Preliminary Teaching Certification. She has groomed for International Grand Prix dressage rider Adam Kemp and has trained under Pammy Hutton, Molly Sivewright, Adam Kemp and Gerry Sinnott.

With this background of producing many horses for different disciplines through the years including her own, from backing up to Intermediate, 1* 3Day eventing and Medium dressage, she enjoys passing on her knowledge and is currently Chief Instructor at the Dulverton West Barnstaple Pony Club, coaching riders from beginners up to National Championship Level in Dressage and Eventing.

About The Connemara Breed

The Connemara is famous for being hardy and sure-footed, and no surpirse. The breed evolved on the rocky coast of western Ireland, where it had to develop an ability to move quickly across rough terrain. The harsh Irish weather and unforgiving landscape helped develop a breed that is resiliant and adaptable, and today's Connemara is valued for all of these qualities.

Today's Connemara is gaining popularity throughout the world as both an adult and children's pony. Its temperament and adaptability makes it well suited to a variety of disciplines, from jumping to dressage to endurance.




Stallions Currently At Stud

Ashford Cleave Coole Lad

Connemara Stallion Coole Lad Standing at Ashford Cleave Equestrian, breeders of connemara horses and ponies, Barnstaple, North Devon.

Class 1 Connemara stallion, bred in Ireland, completing a performance testing programme run by the Connemara Pony Breeders Society.

With great movement and jumping ability coupled and an exceptional temperament, Coole has proved to be a popular choice with owners of Thorough bred mares wishing to produce a sports horses or pony for Riding or Pony Club events through to national level

Ashford Cleave Phenomenal

Mayhill, Its With Outdoubt, Doubtless and Ben Faerie bloodlines, Ashford Cleave Phenomenal Standing at Ashford Cleave Equestrian, breeders of quality sports horses and ponies, Barnstaple, North Devon.

Bred from top eventing bloodlines, of Mayhill, It's With Out Doubt and Ben Faerie, our young stallion, Phenomenal,  is showing all the abilities of his Grand Sires.

He pocesses good movement and jumping style,   combined with his fantastic temperament making him an exciting prospect for the future.  Ashford Cleave Phenomenal is standing for stud duties for the first time in 2010


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Stallion Fees: We require your £50.00 deposit prior to the arrival of your mare.

For Breaking & Schooling: Weekly payable in advance.

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